Meet you by the water tank

The letter request:

We seriously found our dream rental today and we need the PERFECT letter to convince the agent to rent to us. Can you help?


The letter:

Dear 129 Parker Street,

Not sure if you remember us but we met yesterday? We’re Robby and Amy – tall, smiley guy and not-so-tall flame-haired Canadian lass? There were a lot of people … you may not have noticed us … it’s okay.

We noticed you. Upfront, we’d like to declare that we have NEVER done this before. Sure, before we got married we wrote love letters a bit. Robby was a known lothario in this part of town while Amy broke hearts from Toronto to Vancouver. And Canadian hearts are robust outdoorsy hearts so kind of hard to break.

For the past few years we’ve curbed our flirtatious ways and reveled in the company of one another but we’re alarmed to say, we can’t stop thinking about you. You and your built-in-robes and feature fire places. Your stylish chequered floor. We couldn’t sleep last night just thinking about the al fresco dinners we could have; just us and your fully paved courtyard.

Anyway, we feel like we know you so well but you don’t know us at all. There’s a lot to know and love; Robby is a Gemini. He likes long up-hill rides on his bike, catching up with friends and reading the Twilight series. He doesn’t care if it’s written for teenage girls. Amy is a Capricorn. She likes writing books, going to see bands and baking vegan cookies for friendly real estate agents called Kate. We’re quiet types. Amy always has been and Robby learnt the art of silence when Amy suffered migraines. We’re environmentally conscious, we’re reliable. We work hard in our steady jobs but we are working to live, not living to work.

For a while there we were quite serious about an apartment in St Kilda. So serious in fact that we made an honest apartment of it but after a year of aural torture from neighbours who held nightly parties, we realised that it wasn’t really for us. We’re still great friends and we treasure the memories.

We tried the carefree life as well. Sure, a lakeside cabin in Guatemala is hard to beat aesthetically but eventually you want more than just good looks. Something you can rely on.  Like a European style laundry and ample cupboard space.

129 Parker Street, we’d like to get to know you better. We’re free anytime, just say the word and we’ll meet you by the water tank.


Robby and Amy