Erbium (Er) or Bismuth (Bi)

The letter request:

I want to say thank you for spending the morning in court with me when it was at expense to him. For generally being massively supportive and an excellent loyal friend. Also I am pleased he’s now in a stable relationship. This makes me happy.


The letter:

Dear Damon,

Some people say every cloud has a silver lining. I don’t keep a spreadsheet to track my misfortunes so I don’t know if this is always true but with this particular storm cloud, the silver is gleaming at me like gold.

Being summoned to court is no one’s idea of a good time and it certainly wasn’t mine. The silver lining was that those four potentially horrid hours of my life were made better by having you by my side. Which sparked an even bigger realisation: the past fifteen years of my life have been all the better for having you as a friend.

Some people say old friends are like gold – precious and rare – and new friends are like silver – found everywhere. I don’t think silver should be baulked at – sometimes new friendships take mere days to get under your skin and into your heart while old friendships can occasionally feel tired and mechanical. Fortunately the words ‘tired’ and ‘mechanical’ never spring to mind when I think of you. Wherever you’re perched on the Periodic Table – be it at Ag or Au – to me you’ll always be precious and rare. Hell, I’d think the same even if you were one of those lesser known elements, the ones that get left out of the Grade 3 Science Play because there aren’t enough kids to represent them, like Erbium (Er) or Bismuth (Bi).

You’re massively supportive, incredibly generous and an excellent loyal friend. Seeing you so content in your beautiful relationship with Kate fills me with joy. You deserve all the happiness that comes your way. And if one day you find yourself under one of life’s little storm clouds, I hope I can return the favour and support you as you did me. Of course I’d prefer for you to have eternal clear blue skies but this is life we’re talking about. I’m glad you’re in my life.

Love Beth x