Brave and smart

Dear Mel,

If we had super powers and could make stuff happen we would genetically engineer humans so that, when someone is emotionally available, their head lights up like a vacant taxi ready to drop you home. We’d then make it so, if they weren’t emotionally available, they’d glide by in the cover of darkness and you wouldn’t pay them a second glance. Maybe you wouldn’t even notice they were there at all.

The problem with the current state of humans is that someone can be emotionally not ready but, there they are, floating around being all amazing for everyone to see. Even worse, not only are they amazing, they’re also fun, and totally into you, and together you’re great, and did we mention they’re also really amazing?

Reading what you wrote (which was beautiful by the way) we were wringing our hands a little, because we’re guessing you weren’t scared and silly at all. We’re guessing you trusted your intuition and were brave and smart.

Don’t get us wrong – we’re not saying Nate isn’t the one for you or that you shouldn’t tell him how you feel, we just think maybe you were listening to your gut. And maybe that’s okay.

So do whatever it is you need to do to make it work with Nate. But make sure you save some care and consideration for yourself. Because we reckon you’re deserving of his full attention.

Jane & Penny
Clothing for Correspondence x