I felt your hiccups

The letter request:

Nothing can compare to the love and joy I already feel for my unborn nephew. Since receiving the first announcement of his existence (a texted photo of the positive pregnancy test) I have treasured every minute of his progress. From copies of each set of ultrasound photos plastered all over my fridge (much to the despair of my new housemate), to attending an anti natal class with his mum, to feeling his little hiccups, I have been there all the way. I can’t wait to meet this cheeky little monkey and watching him grow into a very special person. 


The letter:

My dear Little Peanut,

You probably think it’s not possible to fall in love with somebody you’ve never met but I’m sorry to say you are wrong. Don’t feel bad – having just been born, there’s a whole heap of stuff you’re yet to learn. That’s where I come in, you see; I’m here to teach you.

Life lesson #1: It is absolutely possible to fall in love with somebody you’ve never met. And I don’t mean having a crush on a rock god or movie star or Facebook stalking somebody you saw on TV. I mean real, honest-to-god, heart-stopping L-O-V-E. The kind of love that makes you grin senselessly and dissolve into unexpected fits of giggles for no reason whatsoever. The kind of love that makes you jump up and do a dopey little dance even though there’s no music playing. The kind of love that makes you feel like warm molasses is running through your veins. The kind of love I have for you.

I’ll be frank: it was love at first sight. My phone beeped with a text message and then suddenly, in the guise of a photo of a positive pregnancy test, there you were. Now I know this doesn’t sound like the most romantic meet-cute in the world but this photo of a little plastic stick my sister-in-law had peed on filled my heart with joy. Let me tell you, that kind of love does not come along every day.

So, without further ado, I jumped straight into aunty-training. I plastered photos of your ultrasounds all over my fridge and tagged along with your mama to an antenatal class. I felt your hiccups and poked your bottom. I imagined your personality and decided you’d be cheeky-trouble just like your papa. I treasured every minute of your development and, now you’ve finally arrived, I’m ready and waiting to be the best aunty in the world.

So, my Little Peanut, when it’s fun and frivolity you’re after, I’m your girl. I’ll be in charge of such activities as jumping on beds, hoisting you up over the waves at the beach and covering you with kisses. I’ll blow raspberries on your belly, whirl you around till you tumble over with dizziness, and teach you how to do the hokey pokey. I’ll chase away monsters from under your bed, do somersaults on your trampoline and tickle you beyond all sense and reason. I’ll be there for whatever you need, whenever you need. I will not let you down.

Now, don’t think I’m rude but I’ve really got to run. I can’t help but feel like I’m wasting time typing when I could be hugging you instead. Kids grow up fast these days and there may come a time when you’re too busy for cuddles with your aunt. I KNOW! Sounds crazy to me too, baby. But you never know, it just may happen. In preparation for that dark day, I’d better stock up now.

All my love,

Aunty Monica x