This is what I wish for you

The letter request:

I’d like a letter from myself to myself. Approaching 50 as I am, you need to accept that some aspects of your life are never as you would have imagined. The realisation; that some people live a life alone, not necessarily lonely.

The letter:

Dear Jenny

Some people live a life alone without being lonely: we all have different needs when it comes to companionship. Some people live a season of their life alone after many seasons surrounded by others. Some people have hundreds of friends but no one they’d tell their deepest worries to. Some people tell everyone their thoughts and secrets. Some people have one close friend and that is all they need. Some people have a cat. Some people connect with others with the ease of a magnet clicking onto a fridge. Some people find it harder to connect, like a lock and key that require a lot of jiggling. Some people find the jiggling gets easier after a while. Some people find it gets harder but they do it anyway. Some people use all the braveness they can muster and find connections in unexpected places.

Some people use their creativity to build sculptures out of clay or cardboard or metal or sand. Some people show their creativity in the garden or the kitchen. Some people show creativity in the way they dress or the way the speak or the way they connect with children. Some people do the important work of setting children on a path of creativity. Some people stop creating when they become adults or busy or tired or sad or even happy. Some people start creating when they become adults or busy or tired or sad or even happy.

Some people say that the deeper a wound the deeper the capacity for healing. Some people, who haven’t experienced much adversity, falter at the slightest hiccup whereas some people who’ve known deep heartbreak soar onwards seeing joy that others are missing. Some people find that life continues to get better and better with every passing year.

This is what I wish for you.

With love and care,