Make a request

Too busy to write your own letters? Or can’t find the words? We hate to brag, but we write particularly well when bribed with the promise of gorgeous frocks.

This is how it works: you email us and tell us what sort of correspondence you need. We write the correspondence and email it back to you. You send us an item of hand-me-down clothing.

So, if you need a letter, tell us

Who’s it from?

Who’s it to?

What’s the issue?

Essential points?

Any back-story we should be aware of?

Style (lovelorn, aggressive, passive aggressive, emotionally manipulative, emotive, assured, grateful, sincerely in love, etc)?

Choose a) you can use my real name (first name only) on your website, I like being famous or b) please change the names before publishing my request on your website as I am already famous and my agent must not know I’m using your service.

And lastly, where did you hear about us?

Email us with this information and hold tight.

Please note, we are unable to write all letters that are requested but we’ll let you know either way.