Macramé string starts to fall from the trees

The letter request:

My boyfriend’s housemate is only nice to me if she wants something. In the 18 months I’ve known her she’s been nice twice. I’m currently working in Colombia and she sent me a lengthy message (first in four months since I’ve been away) kissing my ass and asking me to bring her macramé string because it’s cheaper in South America.


The letter:

Dear Maddy,

While I’m not personally one for mysticism, there are many people who claim that they can see into the future. There’s that old guy at the Sunday market who reads palms behind a curtain of red velour; that friend from school who, after a few wines, invariably pulls out a deck of Aleister Crowley tarot cards; phone lines where a mere $18.99 will score you half an hour of banter with a ‘qualified’ psychic and, if all else fails, there are horoscopes in every newspaper ever printed. You must be kicking yourself now. Why didn’t you think of this abundance of clairvoyance at your fingertips?

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We are good together

The letter request:

We were together. We are no longer together. I still want to be with him. Or, with him again. We are good together. When we met he was freshly out of a relationship and still in love with his ex. I broke it off because I was falling in love with him and worried that I was just a rebound. It’s been a month since the break-off, and we see each other a lot. We watched a few World Cup games with friends, go out in groups, but always with safe distance. We’ve talked, and he can see himself with both me and his ex. I probably shouldn’t have broken it off, but I was scared and silly.


The letter request:

Dear Gus,

I want to tell you a story – some of it you already know, some of it you even helped write, some of it may come as a complete surprise (as it did to me) but stay with me, because I reckon there’s a chance of a happy ending.

This is the part you already know: We were together. We are no longer together.

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